Who we are

We are innovative, responsible and focused on the highest results freelancers with strong experience in IT industry. While other niche companies are focused on gaining contracts with the biggest international companies, we are striving to help the smallest ones.

Covering such areas as data processing, web analysis, management, web research, recruitment and microtasking, we deliver only satisfying and highest quality results to startups with humble beginnings, but still with brave plans.

Due to our approach, our services are the best choice for small startups on their launching stage as well as for those companies with the history, but humble budget or short-term needs.

What we do

Sanmarinno data

We offer efficient and accurate data processing services with the ability to process data with various complexities and languages. We will retrieve and convert difficult handwritten or machine-printed documents into diverse electronic formats formatted to any defined specification.

Sanmarinno analysis

We will help you to estimate how exactly your website's traffic is built, and provide you with our assistance in process of improving of its effectiveness. We believe that an understanding of customer behaviour is a key to achieving startups goals.

Sanmarinno recruitment

We will find and examine all prospective candidates and sets up interviews for you with the most qualified ones. Let us save your time which you're spending on seeking and interviewing employees, so you can spend it by doing what you do the best – your business.

Sanmarinno research

We use the most popular search tools for finding information on the Internet include Web search engines, meta search engines, Web directories and specialty search services to deliver satisfying and high quality results.

Sanmarinno management

We are ready to start working immediately without any training or ramp-up time to develop project management competency, to help startups gain consistency and improved results.

Sanmarinno microtasking

Due to large workforces which complete tasks concurrently and the only single point of contact, large volumes of small tasks can be completed fast and convenient.

Our Clients

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