Sanmarinno data studio

We believe that data is one of the most crucial elements of modern world. Nowadays, not only business, but also individuals altered from simply talking about data or rarely using it to seriously pursuing it.

The amount of data is increasing exponentially over time, so processing of data's large and diverse volumes can be a constant drain not only on money and resources, but also on vitality and vigour of any startup.

That is why we're convinced that in order to not get lost in actual informational streams, the approach to work with any type of data should be well organized and structured.

What we offer

Sanmarinnodata it's a rapid data processing with the minimal error percentages. We respect security, privacy and ensure accurate confidential results.

We offer efficient and accurate data processing services with the ability to process data with various complexities and languages. We will retrieve and convert difficult handwritten or machine-printed documents into diverse electronic formats formatted to any defined specification.

We use technologies such as Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition to recognize text and characters from digital images and scanned documents, as well as manual processing of data in order to convert it into editable formats.