Sanmarinno recruitment studio

Nowadays, situations when companies delegate seeking of professionals to external services suppliers became a norm.

This kind of cooperation is mutual beneficial for all process participants, especially when it comes to small companies or startups with no HR units, humble budget and minor recruitment needs. Companies instruct services' suppliers to use their technology and knowledge to run this process efficiently and compliantly.

And the main mission of such suppliers is to find prospective candidates, understand their capabilities and match them with the needs of companies.

What we offer

Sanmarinnorecruitment it's maintainable and reasonable method which allows startup's core resources to focus on strategic initiatives, reduce process workload and free up time to focus on business objectives.

We will find and examine all prospective candidates and sets up interviews for you with the most qualified ones.

Let us save your time which you're spending on seeking and interviewing employees, so you can spend it by doing what you do the best – your business.